Monday, 3 October 2011

QWERTYUIOP (Moral Values)

Three moral values that can be learned from “QWERTYUIOP” are perseverance, courage and compassion.

Perseverance (meaning: ketabahan) is important in facing challenges (meaning: cabaran). We should not give up easily in life. We should have perseverance to be successful. This moral value can be learned from the main character, Lucy Beck. Lucy was determined to get a job. She persevered to keep her job although the ghost of previous secretary, Miss Broome kept giving her problems.

We should also have courage. We should not run away from challenges and problems in life. Lucy had to confront Miss Broome’s ghost in the story. She showed her fighting spirit when she refused to run away like the other young secretaries. She confronted (meaning: berhadapan) Miss Broome and fought to stay on her job.

We also can learn the moral value of compassion (meaning: belas kasihan) from the story. Lucy learned to accept her uncle although she did not have good opinion of him in the past. She felt sorry for Miss Broome and managed to calm her down. This shows that she was a compassionate person.

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